The Many Benefits of a Professional Massage

The power of a good massage goes back thousands of years. It has been practiced since 2700BC or later. Many cultures use massage to relieve pain and restore injured and sore muscles. Hippocrates even wrote about massage and the power of a good massage. Over the years the techniques have been refined so they can give the most benefits to the person receiving a massage. Using a professional Massage therapist has its benefits. The professional will take her time to deliver a soothing massage that will release tight muscles and return them to their health.

Often the favorite type of massage is the deep tissue massage. It can help with pain in the back, it will exercise weak muscles, enhance immune system, help with depression, relieve tension, improve circulation, increase flexibility and many more things. It is known to give you more energy by reducing fatigue in your muscles.

Why You Should Use a Professional Massage Therapist
A professional has been taught through school and classes how to properly do a massage. If a massage is not carried out properly and the right techniques used, it can do more harm than good. You could go into a massage center with a chain operation and they will do massage but often they rush and don’t do a thorough job. They are in a hurry to get to their next customer. Often massage therapist in a chain massage center don’t have an education in massage. They may even be taught at the center on you.

Professionals know how to do a massage by using different parts of their body. She will use hands, arms and elbows depending on the area of the muscle being worked. She may do fixed pressure, kneading point pressure, moving pressure, holding and distributed pressure. Each method requires a different technique that can require a different part of the massage therapist’s body. Her forearms and elbows are often used to give you the best possible massage.

How a Massage Works
When a massage is being done endorphin’s will be released from the brain to counteract the messages sent by pain receptors. Endorphin’s are similar to a drug that is intended to give you relief from pain and depression. They will enhance your mood and take away the pain. When a muscle is tight they block the circulation so oxygen cannot provide nourishment. Once the circulation is restored the oxygen will feed the muscle causing them to relax. A relaxed muscle is less painful.

Massage Centers Don’t Hold Up
Massage centers are more interested in getting people through a massage in a few minutes. Perhaps 15 minutes are used regardless of the condition of your muscles. Many people would actually require a longer massage to get any relief from it. Professional Massage therapists will work with the affected muscle until you get relief. She will know when the job is complete by the relaxation of your body. As sore muscles feel better you will relax physically and emotionally. Some people get massages to help with stress. Stress does lead to tight muscles. A professional massage therapist will do their job properly. A massage center may not give you’re the relief you need.