Thai Herbal Massage

Thai herbal compress massage, so relaxing and pampering! A Thai herbal compress has lemongrass, eucalyptus, kaffir line, tamarind leaf, turmeric, and much more others natural herbs that are steamed and used to massage and relax your tired and tensed muscle body. The oils and properties of the herbs will be absorbed by the skin and do its magic! You will feel fantastic! You just feel so relax and would want to be no other place in the world the here getting spoiled! Is a massage with poultices of medicinal herbs and heat. It’s been used for hundreds of years by Thais to relieve reduce muscular tension, joint pain and discomfort, depression; and anxiety. The herbal compress is a blend of herbs wrapped and tied in a cotton cloth to make a round-shaped ball with a handle on top, which is soaked and steamed. The heat helps to increase the regional blood flow and the release of volatile oils from the herbs which helps to exert anti-inflammatory action on the effected muscle