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Jack Apostol has years of professional experience in delivering various forms of therapeutic massage and bodywork. Her keen interest in anatomy and body mechanics keeps her motivated to constantly hone her skills and further her training. 

Jack has greater insight and empathy towards her clients from her own experiences with injuries and holistic healing. Staying physically active with boxing, swimming and weight training is important to her.

About Jack Apostal


Lypossage® is an outcome based, non-invasive body contouring treatment that may help with temporarily diminishing the look of Cellulite. It also improves elasticity and skin tone.

Lypossage Cellulite

Sports Massage is the manual therapy and manipulation of the muscle tissue and fascia. It has precise focus of intention of bone cleaning, that means working where the muscles originates and where it inserts. 

Sports Massage

NMT seeks for Trigger Points, which are points that when compress, they give rise to a characteristic pattern of referred pain distant from the point of contact.

Neuromuscular Therapy


Lukas S.

I have been going to Jack for massage therapy, and I am thoroughly pleased with the atmosphere and technique she presents. 


Brendan M.

I recommend Jack 110%. She is a great masseuse and an even better person! Enjoy!

Clients Praise

Rolfing® Structural Integration, commonly known as simply Rolfing®, is a deep and advanced form of bodywork widely known to bring long lasting relieve to chronic conditions. Is the realigning of the body through manipulation of the soft tissue, integrating the body in gravity and space. Rolfing addresses postural realignment through a session divided into 10 segments called the Rolfing 10 Series. 

By receiving the Rolfing 10 Series people report having experienced many other positive but individual changes beyond body realignment, such as to achieve greater psychological and emotional well-being, help in psychotherapy gain a more direct connection to the emotional life, among others. 

Rolfing® Structural Integration

Healing for High Performance

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We offer various modes and types of massage.  We specialize in Rolfing®, Deep Tissue Massage and Lypossage

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We offer specialty services such as Rolfing® Structural Integration, Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Sculpting. We specialize in pain relief and rehabilitation. If you’ve your suffering please contact us.

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