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Jackie has helped me recover from a series of boxing injuries; specifically with shoulder and lower back pain.  My profession is very physically demanding, and my workouts are very intense, especially when I am preparing for a fight. I’ve noticed that my recovery time and body soreness has significantly decreased since I have been going to Jackie for massage treatments.  In addition, I have felt more relaxed and mentally alert. As a professional athlete, I know I am good hands and ensure that you will be, too.

-Ernest Johnson (EJ), Professional Boxer

As an collegiate water polo player, I frequently strain myself in training to improve my game. After a long stressful week of school and practice, my body can be wound-up tighter than a two-dollar clock. I have been going to Jacqueline for massage therapy, and I am thoroughly pleased with the atmosphere and technique she presents. She focuses not only on getting out your kinks, but making sure you leave much more relaxed and stress free than when you came in. She really puts her full concentration into every session to make every minute amazing and relieving.

-Lukas S., Athlete

This is the best massage I have ever had! I have had a lot of massages and this is by far the best! She has magic hands! I recently injured my shoulder. The pain I was feeling was so severe that it became difficult for me to complete common everyday tasks. Jacqueline said she could heal me up quick and she began treating me. I immediately saw results and after a few days I was 100 %. She has the best hands I have ever seen and her pressure is perfect. She finds the right points to release the pain like no other therapist I have experienced. If you are looking for a massage therapist look no further.

-Rio “Time Traveler” Haynes, Producer, Rapper

I would like to start by saying Jackie is AWESOME! Jackie was referred to me by my former masseuse and I have not been disappointed! Jackie makes me feel very comfortable and always makes sure that I am relaxed. Jackie really loves her job, but I am sure she doesn’t look at it as a job because she obviously loves what she does. She educates me and makes sure I do the proper things to take care of my body between sessions. I run 5 miles or more daily, 40 miles a week. I run many marathons and ultra marathons so my body is definitely in need of relaxation and care. Jackie definitely knows how to target the right muscles that are tight by massage, stretching and other techniques. She always listens to what I want and always delivers. I like deep tissue and I like very hard pressure and Jackie can definitely deliver that. But the great thing is she listens…so once you tell her what you like, she will know and you won’t have to worry about it in future sessions.

I recommend Jackie 110%. She is a great masseuse and an even better person! Enjoy!

-Brendan M., Athlete

I’ve witnessed Jackie’s pursuit of excellence in the field of bodyworks when she was a student and now as licensed professional.   As her repeat client, I am amazed at her knowledge in anatomy and therapeutic touch together with her intuitive sense and passion for healing.  After my sessions, I feel energized and better in tune with my body posture and exercise needs.  She has demonstrated to be competent, compassionate and most importantly, committed to serving her client’s emotional and physical needs. I am so confident in Jackie’s abilities that I recommended my two sons, who sustained sports’ injuries, to her for treatments.  She was able to facilitate their healing process and return to playing the extreme sports they love.  Jackie is an amazing healer and coach, and I am so grateful for her expertise and genuine concern for my well being.  You will be, too!

-Emma N., Career Counseling 

I have been going to Jackie for about 5 years. Before that, I tried many different massage therapists and styles. I highly recommend Jackie. One of the things I like about her is that she has many different techniques, you can ask for something specific or you can let her use her amazing intuition. I also have really enjoyed the Thai massage. Even though I have a tight budget, I prioritize my massage about once every 6 weeks. It is a great de-stressor. Jackie is fantastic!

- Kristen S., Yoga Teacher


My husband and I have been going to Jackie for two years and we LOVE her. I have tried others in the past and was never satisfied until Jackie came into our lives, she is AMAZING. Not only did I try all the different massages she offers but I have always had stomach problems and she would always have a way of southing my stomach with different techniques using her hands. I recommend Jackie 100%, not only is she good at what she does but she makes you feel at ease, peaceful and is always with such a positive energy that she connects with you on another level. I love her and would never change her for anybody else. Jackie, thank you for always being with us in our Anniversary Massages at our house and for always making us feel welcomed (Oct. 2010).

-Karen & Julio M.

As a former college athlete now in my late 30s, I have been battling lower back pain and nagging injuries. Working with Jackie over the last year has really improved my flexibility and recovery time after workouts. She is by far the best Thai practitioner I have worked with and has greatly contributed to my health and sense of well being.

-Greg Z., CEO

As a waiter I’m always on my feet which puts a lot of strain on my lower back. Playing tennis does not help this and I find my right shoulder is always tight. Jackie has helped me to loosen up both my back and shoulder with her focused energy and words of wisdom. She has a perfect blend of strength and fluidity that is hard to find. I recommend her everyone I know. Not only is she a gifted massage practitioner but an amazing person.

-Scott B., Wait Stuff

I work doing drywall in construction, and I have a lot of pain in my arms. When I really need it, I came to see Jackie. Right away I feel much better. I think she gives the best massage!

-Javier Z., Restoration

I have been going for massages for over 50 years. Needless to say, there have been good massage therapist and some not so good and some awful. It pleases me to say that Jackie Apóstol is the “BEST” Massage Therapist I’ve ever used. Jackie know how to take care of my body with either deep tissue, herbal Thai, hot stones, or Swedish.

-Phyllis M., Business Retired